Mechanical Seals

Multi Spring Mechanical Seal

These Mechanical Seals are having many small springs to put uniform force over the face¬† for sealing the fluids. and very popular due to long life. These are Bi-directional Pusher type Mechanical Seals suitable to all type of elastomers. These Seals can be designed in Double configuration for toxic, hazardous, costly & volatile liquids. We can offer Double Seals in Back to Back as well as Tandem arrangement as per application.

UE-1000 Series
UE-1000-LD Series
Double Seal

Single Spring Mechanical Seals

Single Spring Mechanical Seals are having open coil spring to work in contaminated fluids. It is very simple in design and can be manufactured for Uni or Bi directional motions of shaft. These Seals are very economical and simple to use. It can be offered in variety of face combinations to suit most of the applications.
UE-ARO Series
UE-1500-CL Series
UE-1508 Series
UE-1507 Series

Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seals

Elastomaric Bellow Mechanical Seals are having rubber bellow which is used to stop leakage through moving shaft. This type of seals is having variety of shapes and designs to suit light duty applications. These Seals are very simple, low priced and produced in quantity. Water is very common liquid where these seals are installed. We have lot of designs and shapes to suit any type of stuffing Box.
UE-502 Series
UE-EB Series
UE-MG-L Series
UE-MG Series

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