Mechanical Seals

Cap Mechanical Seals

UE-Cap Series
UE-Cap-LD Series
These Mechanical Seals are designed for machineries having Non-standard Pumps With Tailor made stuffing box, mostly for textile industry, Such Seals are Bi-directional, Unitised, Compact and easy to install in small housing too. Capsule Slots are given on outer periphery for reciprocating movement of collar for Seal adjustments. These pusher type Mechanical Seals can be designed with single, multi and wave type of spring to suit vast applications.

Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals

UE-TBR Series
UE-TB Series
     These are external mounted Mechanical Seals inherently Balanced in nature. It's special design avoids contact of metal parts from liquid therefore such Seals are most commonly used in all kind of Acids, Alkalies,
     Strong Oxidising & Reducing agents. Such Seals can be designed in Multi Spring as well as Single Spring configuration.
    Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals can be offered in Composite or Replaceable face design. Usually it is offered in Glass Filled PTFE & Ceramic Faces but Silicon Carbide can be offered for contaminated liquids.

Metal Bellow Mechnical Seals

UE-MB Series
UE-MB-HT Series
These Mechanical Seals are used  in high temperature and other complicated services. Special welded Metallic Bellow is used with faces to stop leakage. These Mechanical Seals are Non-Pusher and Balanced in nature. These seals can be designed in various shapes and assemblies.

Wave Spring Mechanical Seals

These are Pusher Seals having special Wave or Disc type Spring which works well on contaminated liquids,.The Wave Spring Mechanical Seals can be offered in several designs in single or double & Un-balanced or Balance Configuration.

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