Mechanical Seals

Miscellaneous Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals are available in various designs and shapes. We manufacture lot of type of seals which are not mentioned in standard range. Few of them are as under. We are capable of making various other designs which are not mentioned here.

UE-GF Series
UE-AL-EM Series
UE-AL-2 Series

Others Products

Bearing Bush and Sleeve are used to guide and protect the rotating shaft. These are used in Magnetic Pump, Reactor, Turbine etc. Carbon and Silicon Carbide are used as common materials for making it. We fabricate various type of Bearing Bushes as per requirement. We also develope various type of segmented seals as per drawing or sample. Various size of graphite packings are also manufactured by us for diffrent equipments and applications. We can also manufacture various type of components in materials like Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, PTFE, Viton etc.
Segmented Seals
Rotary Union Parts
Bearing Bushes
Graphite Packings

Reverse Balance Mechanical Seals

These are external mounted multi spring Mechanical Seals. Liquid pressure is used to close the Seal faces therefore very effective in high pressure and vacuum applications. UE-RB series Mechanical Seals are Balanced, Unitised, Compact & Simple to install & maintain. It can be extremely useful for contaminated and light corrosive liquids as metal parts do not come in contact with media. Such Mechanical Seals eliminate movement of elastomer hence reduce fretting effect on shaft greatly.
UE-RB Series

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